About Us

Here at Leaf & Petal Designs we specialize in creating designer looks for your outdoor living space. We offer the best plants from our select grower network that can easily be used to create the perfect backyard retreat. Whether you are looking to decorate with containers on your patio, deck or lanai, bring the outdoors in with plants that provide beauty and fresh air inside the home, or planning to overhaul your garden beds, we have you covered. Our experts bring only the best so that you can be successful even if you've not considered yourself a green thumb in the past. From homegrown produce to the most up-to-date plant trends, Leaf & Petal Designs will deliver. We look forward to making your home and garden a tranquil and beautiful place for well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation.

Planting Guides

Need help? Everything you need to know about caring for your plants is available here!

Simply click on the images below to access information on planting, growing, pruning, and winterizing your plants.

Planting guides are available in Adobe PDF format. If your computer is unable to open PDFs, download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe.